helping animals in the algarve

The Ferry Cats Feeding Programme  ([email protected])

Many of you who live in Lagos will be aware of the cat colony living at the ferry crossing on the opposite side of the Avenida dos Descobrimentos in Lagos. Here is the re-furbished unit, built by our volunteers in 2012. And that's not all: due to it's close proximity to the sea and exposure to the wind, the unit also undergoes regular maintenance throughout the year. This includes minor repairs, construction, and painting to help preserve the wood and fencing.



Everyday a dedicated group of volunteers also feed the cats in the "carpark colony" at the back of marina, opposite the Marina Hotel.



This programme is generously supported by the Nandi Charity Shops who cover the cost of the food. Residents and non-residents who have seen the cats in these two colonies may be concerned about their well-being, but Nandi don't just stop at feeding. Whenever possible (as cats don't always stick to appointment times!), they are taken to one of the veterinary practices that we work with to be sterilised and given a check-up to make sure they are in the best of health.

Just like a little street cat, who we called Leyla. She was in desperate need of our care, not just in being sterilized, but she had injured her leg. After one week of medication, and several changes of her dressing, she made a full recovery, and is now no longer living on the streets, but with her new family close to Luz.



To continue to do the work of feeding, and occassional trips to the vet, we always welcome people who wish to join our dedicated team of cat lovers. If you feel you are able to give a little of your time, and help out one day a week, please contact a member of staff at one of our shops.